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Logo, menu and content frame layout

This page explains default layouts of HTML documents specyfic to the <div> sections types.

  • Logo <div> section document layout

    By default this document is based on two <div> tags. The left one contians the web page name and short description. The right one contains the web page logo. The default content of this <div> section is defined in the logo.html file.

  • Menu frame document layout

    By default this document is a simple list of links. Every link in Slug should be created accrding to the following rules:

    • Link should contain attributes target="_top" and href="index.php?content=[page name]", where [page name] is a name of HTML file without .html extension.
    • Link can contain additional information on specific content of menu and logo <div>:
      href="index.php?content=[page name]&amp;menu=[additional menu page name]&amp;logo=[additional logo page name]"
  • Content frame document layout

    Content documents have no special layout. Almost any valid web page could be used as content page in Slug - see also default document content.

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